By Lt Mary Kwawukumey, South Sudan

The Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) Ghana Company (GHANCOY) at the United Nations Mission In South Sudan (UNMISS), has changed leadership successfully, with Officer Commanding (OC) GHANCOY 2 – Lieutenant Colonel (Lt Col) Daniel Ampadu taking over command from OC GHANCOY 1 – Lt Col Felix Kweku Mautsueni, at a ceremony held at Mango Camp, Aweil, South Sudan.

The Baton mandates UNMISS GHANCOY 2, to protect the civilian population and assist humanitarian aid agencies, to carry out their activities in close collaboration with other UN forces/partners, in order to ensure full implementation of United Nations Security Council Resolution (UNSCR) 2392 (2019).

Lt Col FK Mautsueni, in his handing over remarks on Wednesday, 11th September 2019, recounted the high expectations of other stakeholders, especially being the first GHANCOY in the theatre, and expressed gratitude to God and all troops under his command, for living up to expectation, but entreated all troops of GHANCOY 2, to rally behind command to positively project the good deeds started.

Lt Col Ampadu congratulated the outgone OC, officers, Men and Women of GHANCOY 1, for upholding the mission of the GHANCOY, and assured that his company will continue from where GHANCOY 1 left off, to ensure that the flag of Ghana is kept aloft.

Present at the ceremony were key appointment holders of both the handing and taking over GHANCOYs.


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