By S/Lt Ezekiel Ako

The Ghana Battalion (GHANBATT 7) at the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) participated in the Danish Contingent competition (DANCON March) and emerged winners after about approximately 26 kilometers running with 10 kilograms of weight, in two hours of long-distance running.

The competition, held on Saturday 13 July 2019 at the UNMISS base in Bentiu, Unity State, was to test the endurance capabilities of soldiers and contribute immensely to charity.

The GHANBATT 7 team of ten men, competed with about 500 participants and with shear will and determination won the first, second, third and fourth spots respectively.

The DANCON MARCH is a tradition for Danish soldiers, wherever they are stationed and has been held every year since 1972 and featured GHANBATT, Ghana Formed Police Unit (FPU), MONBATT, INDIAN HMEC, UK ENGRS and Members from the Mission Support Area.

Finally, the representative of the DANCON MARCH Competition – Major P Koch, thanked all the participants for making the competition a success, awarded them with medals and further encouraged them to keep training and always maintain their fitness level as soldiers.


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