By S/Lt E Ako – PIO

As a response to address the crisis of COVID-19, the Ghanaian Battalion 7 (GHANBATT 7), serving with the United Nation Mission In South Sudan (UNMISS), has initiated an awareness creation campaign to help prevent the spread of the virus.

The GHANBATT’s Civil Military Cooperation (CIMIC) initiative commenced on Friday 22nd May, 2020, in Koch and Gani counties and its surrounding towns, which included Rier, Panjchol, Nyailey and Pathit, and was campaign was aimed at sensitizing key community leaders in these towns, so that they would in turn disseminate the information to other community members.

In all the towns visited, the GHANBATT CIMIC team, led by Captain (Capt) Jaspah Mawusi, outlined some common signs associated with covid-19 and preventive measures to practice, in order to keep safe, emphasizing on the need for social distancing in market places and avoidance of crowded places.

The GHANBATT team donated posters and hand washing soap to the communities, and urged that they be placed at vantage points in the towns, to further disseminate information on COVID-19.

The Acting Executive Director of Koch County – Hon Gadkuai Gatchang, was full of praise for the bold step taken by the GHANBATT team and for their continuous show of UN presence in the area through robust patrols.

Mr Gatchang further stated that, prior to the awareness campaign by GHANBATT, they had no knowledge of the COVID-19 and its potency.

South Sudan has recorded 994 cases of COVID-19 with 10 deaths and 6 recoveries (as at time of writing).


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