By S/Lt Ezekiel Ako

As part of the ongoing peace process in South Sudan, the Ghana Battalion (GHANBATT 7) at the United Nations Mission In South Sudan (UNMISS), has launched the UNMISS GHANPOC CHAMPIONS LEAGUE, at the Protection of Civilian (PoC) Camp in Bentiu.

Launching the soccer contest, the Commanding Officer (CO) of GHANBATT 7 – Lieutenant Colonel (Lt Col) Antwi Awuah-Darkwa, said the league was to, among other things, enhance good relationship between GHANBATT and the locals, assure GHANBATT’s commitment to the security and protection of the locals, and to foster good relationship between the various tribes in the PoC.

In his remarks, Lt Col Darkwa stated that GHANBATT had observed the passion for football by the residents in the camp which was mainly populated by energetic young men.  He stated that the football league would make good use of the many football pitches situated in the camp which would unearth talents in these young men.

He added that football brings people together, contributes and adds value to the economy and therefore they must endeavour to embrace this initiative, further citing that all the great African players started small and developed their talents, which led them to greater heights.

Lt Col Darkwa emphasized the need for fairness throughout the competition and encouraged a friendly competition between all participating teams, saying that, “As much as it is a competition, and we are all trying to come out as the best, there is no need to struggle”, he said.

The league would feature 14 local teams based in the PoC and competing teams will battle it out to the finals which will climax the league on 26 December 2019


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