By Kofi Ampeah-Woode, Michel Camp

Southern Command (S/COMD), a formation of the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF), has partially laid out plans to effectively deal with terrorists, secessionists and any other activists, who would seek to compromise or destabilize the territorial integrity of the country.

Speaking to troops at the 2019 Festival Nine Lessons and Carols/Singing Competition, on Wednesday 18th December, 2019, at the St Michael Catholic Parish, Michel Camp, Brigadier General (Brig Gen) Abraham Yeboah Nsiah – General Officer Commanding (GOC), S/COMD, gave hints of training and exercises that his formation would undertake to keep prepared against any destabilizing threat.

“This time around, we have a group called terrorists operating within the sub-region, and in our own backyard, there are some secessionist groups who want to destabilize this country, so we must do everything within our capabilities, to make sure they do not succeed, and we are going to start very strongly in 2020, with a lot of exercises and training”, General Nsiah stated.

Brig Gen Nsiah, who recounted the formation’s successes within 2019 – such as at the Inter-Unit March and Shoot, Drill, Army March and Shoot, GAF’s biennial Exercise Tiger’s Path competitions – affirmed that S/COMD had lived up to the accolade ‘The Pride of the Ghana Army’, and further said that going into 2020, his setup would start very firmly and aggressively.

General Nsiah revealed that with effect from the First Quarter of the New Year, there would be a shift from conventional warfare to Command level field training exercises based solely on counter insurgency, to prepare and be ready enough, to tackle any adverse situation that may develop in any part of the country.

General Nsiah further urged his Commanding Officers (COs) to deal firmly with any illicit case (such as one-man operations, particularly in the ‘Galamsey’ areas, Absent Without Official Leave [AWOL], recruitment fraud, using the uniform to harass civilians) that hinges on impugning the hard-earned reputation of personnel of the Armed Forces, as a professional body.

“There is the tendency to lower your guards because of the festive occasion, however, this is the time the enemy can strike at us, so be vigilant and sober in everything that you must do, conduct your affairs professionally at your duty points and then, in your private undertakings, keep an open eye and mind”, the GOC finally urged.

The singing competition involved choir groups from First Battalion of Infantry (1Bn), Fifth Battalion of Infantry (5Bn), 48 Engineer Regiment (48 Eng Reg), 64 Infantry Regiment (64 Inf Reg), 153 Armoured Reconnaissance Regiment and S/COMD Headquarters (Camp HQ), who all did one mandated song and another one of choice.

64 Inf Reg placed 6th, 5Bn placed 5th, 153 Recce placed 4th, Camp HQ placed 3rd, 48 Eng Reg placed 2nd whiles the hosts – 1Bn – READY AND WILLING – placed first.


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