Operation VANGUARD – the anti-illegal mining Joint Taskforce (JTF) of the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) and the Ghana Police Service (GPS), stationed at their Forward Operating Base (FOB) in the West, has extended its operations deeper into the Western North Region, to apprehended fifteen (15) suspected Chinese illegal miners in the Juabosu District.

The operation, which was carried out at about 5:30AM of Saturday, 22nd June, 2019, simultaneously at different sites within the general area of Bonsai, further resulted in the seizure of 5 excavators and as a result, the suspects and equipment have been handed over to the Inter Ministerial Committee on Illegal Mining (IMCIM), for further action.

The illegal miners, (also referred to as Galamseyers), have resorted to operating deeper into the forest areas of the Western North Region, hence the JTF have also extended its operations into those areas, as the VANGUARD team pledges to continue to fish them out, regardless.

However, due to their reliance on locals who act as spies for the Galamseyers, some of the illegal miners are proving more difficult to arrest because, these spies warn them of the Taskforce as and when they approach their sites.

Some of the locals also harbor the illegal miners in their homes and are reluctant to give them up when their activities are reported, an action which is contrary to Section 99 (4) of Minerals and Mining (Amendment) Act, Act 900.

Op VANGUARD is therefore sounding a word of caution, to not only the illegal miners, but also their local accomplices that both actions are against the law and as such, any individuals found to have been providing any form of support for these Galamseyers, will be arrested during the course of future operations.


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