On Friday 23 August 2019, at about 0800hrs, a VANGUARD team, conducting patrols at Ayanfuri, near the Perseus Mines in Upper Denkyira West, arrested a local in possession of a gold detecting machine, close to the Concession’s dump site, and the suspected illegal miner, was handed over to civil police for further action.

Information reached the patrol team around the same time that, some locals were massing up with intentions to attack them, due to the suspect they had apprehended, thus, the team moved to Y-Junction (area in Ayanfuri town), where the rioters were assembling, to assess and bring the situation under control.

The team, upon arrival, witnessed some youth in the town, having set up roadblocks and burning tires, agitating and in the ensuing chaos, the team fired warning shots and apprehended one (1) local, which action resulted in the rioters causing extensive damage to one of the Op VANGUARD Trooper vehicles.

VANGUARD personnel who were called to reinforce the initial patrol team, were attacked by the rioters when they got to the Y-Junction, whiles some of the locals advanced toward the reinforcement team, wielding cutlasses and other weapons, without regard for the warning shots the team fired.

In their defense, the team fired two shots at the protesters from about a meter away injuring one of them and the casualty, who was shot in the leg, was evacuated to the Perseus Mines Clinic for treatment.

A second unconfirmed casualty was carried off by the rioters. However, the individual’s current state is unknown.

In an isolated incident that occurred at about 1600hrs, a second team of reinforcement of Op VANGUARD that was headed for the Perseus Mines general area, was halted by an angry mob of youth numbering about 600, within the Ayanfuri town, amid chants of angry slogans and pelting of stones.

Around the same time a local who was riding a motorbike, got knocked down by a taxi cab along the main road that runs through the Ayanfuri town, on which the locals had set car tires ablaze and were agitating.

Personnel of the VANGUARD team, without regard for the stones being thrown at them, assisted to get the local into the taxi to be conveyed to the nearest health facility, however, his current state is also unknown.

It must be noted that some of these rioters are in possession of shotguns and fired them at some point in time, during the chaos. There have also been confirmed reports of a number of foreign nationals, who are engaged in drug peddling and other vices, inciting the youth in rioting and causing damage to property and accosting persons passing through the township.


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