By Kofi Ampeah-Woode

The Greater Accra Security Services coordination preparatory exercises, which are designed to harmonize drills and procedures, in enhancing interoperability amongst agencies, entered Phase Two, with SIMULATION/TEST attacks on selected military barracks, by assumed insurgents.

The trial Barracks Attacks, took place on Thursday, 19th November, 2020, at the Headquarters, Southern Command (S/COMD), Wajir, Michel Camp, Arakan and Gondar Barracks, sequentially, to test the response of troops at the various camps.

The orchestrated incidents, were well-organized and monitored by heads of units from the Ghana Police Service, Ghana Prison Service, Ghana National Fire Service, with general oversight provided by the General Officer Commanding (GOC), S/COMD – Brigadier General (Brig Gen) Abraham Yeboah Nsiah, and later by the Command Operations Officer (COO) – Colonel (Col) Albert Assiamah.

At all the Barracks Defence demonstrations, the Commanding Officers (CO) – Lieutenant Colonel (Lt Col) Cann, Lt Col Mfum, Lt Col Simeone Barifi Nyante, Lt Col Prince Tandoh and Lt Col William Ackah, were present, as their Second-In-Commands (2IC) run commentary, on the ensuing attack, repel, reinforcement and medical assistance actions of the troops.

The exercise also forms part of the Ghana Armed Forces’ (GAF) OPERATION PEACE TRAIL training and liaison activities – which is part of a planned 4-tier strategy in keeping the peace, during and after the Presidential and Parliamentary elections, to identify trouble spots across the country and familiarize with polling centers, deploy in strength close to identified trouble spots, deter potential saboteurs, dominate their Area of Responsibility (AOR) and deny suspected saboteurs, the freedom of action.


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