By Kofi Ampeah-Woode, Kpeshie Ridge

Cadets of the Ghana Military Academy (GMA), have been urged not to perceive their novices boxing contests as undue punishment, but as a regime that equips them for combat and develops their fighting spirit, mental robustness, and self-confidence.

Brigadier General (Brig Gen) Abraham Yeboah Nsiah, General Officer Commanding (GOC) Southern Command of the Ghana Army, who was the Guest-Of-Honour, gave the advice at the GMA’s 2019 Inter-Platoon Novices Boxing Competition, for its Regular Career Course (RCC) 59, which took place from Wednesday, 20th to  Friday, 22nd of March, 2019, at the Addico Square, Teshie Camp.

Brig Gen Nsiah indicated that globally, Novices Boxing Competition is an essential event on the training calendar for officer cadets and will continue to be so for the foreseeable future, as the overall objectives of the contest is to train the participants to overcome fear and pain in the face of adversity.

The Army General, however cautioned the officer cadets that the skills obtained is not intended to equip them with skills to visit brutalities on innocent civilians, but rather for self defence, where necessary and to protect the vulnerable.

“I am particularly fascinated by the attitude laced up with courage and fortitude with good boxing skills displayed by the female cadets who have certainly made a strong case for more women to be given the opportunity to prove themselves in all facets of society”, General Nsiah said.

The officer cadets were segmented into three platoons – Abyssinia, Burma and Chiringa – whereby each cadet engaged in 3 rounds of boxing with an allotted fellow, 3 minutes for each round – within which one cannot be knocked out (if one is knocked down “AGBOVIAA”, he/she gets up to continue the fisticuffs until the bell rings for 1 minute of rest).

At the end of 3 days of the fisticuffs regime, Chiringa Platoon emerged as the Winning Platoon with superior 28 points, Abyssinia also with 28 points and Burma with 25 points, with Best Boxer to Officer Cadet Mensah A – Chiringa, Best Female Boxer to Officer Cadet Faidoo – Chiringa and Gallant Loser to Officer Cadet Atiomo – Burma Platoon.

The GMA is the guardian of values which has shaped officers over the years, who have in turn contributed in shaping the history of our country.

Dignitaries present were the Commandant of GMA – Major General William Omane-Agyekum, the Commander, GMA – Brig Gen Osabutey and the Deputy Commandant, Military Academy Training Schools (MATS) – Colonel Asare.


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