By Kofi Ampeah-Woode

The 1999 year group of the Ghana Military Academy (GMA), has celebrated its two decades after passing out of the training institution, by organizing lectures for the current intake at the Academy and making donations to their alma mater, the Osu Children’s Home and the 37 Military Hospital.

The group, made up of Lieutenant Colonels (Lt Col), Commanders (Cdr) and Wing Commanders started the celebrations on Tuesday August 20th, with a lecture at the Officer Cadets’ Mess at the GMA, under the topic – The Essence of GMA Training.

The lecture, which was delivered by Lt Col Seth Odei – Commanding Officer (CO) of Ghana Armed Forces’ (GAF) Fifth Battalion of Infantry (5Bn), covered areas such as Command, leadership, management, foundations of officer training – ethos – selfless commitment, courage, discipline, integrity and loyalty – even unto death, but not blind loyalty.

The hands-on lecture by Lt Col Odei also covered areas like personal responsibilities – morals, physicals upkeep, conceptual, professional knowledge, understanding chain of command, orderly officers’ duties, courtesies and etiquettes – saluting, Mess life, consequence of showing bad character, and later took questions from the cadets.

After the evening lecture the Year Group presented two large deep freezers to the academy to help its activities at the mess and other uses and thereafter, there was an opportunity for the cadets to interact with their seniors to be more informed and to further answer bothering questions.

The 1990 year group rounded up the celebrations with a dinner at Burma Camp in the evening of Friday 23rd August, 2019 and a thanksgiving service on Sunday, 25th August, 2019, at which some of the intake members included


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