On 25 July 2022, the Acting Head of Mission/Force Commander (Ag HOM/FC) for the United Nations Interim Security Force for Abyei (UNISFA), Major General Benjamin Olufemi Sawyerr joined GHANBATT and the Awolnhom Community to commission a four-unit classroom block renovated by UNISFA GHANBATT 1.

This initiative was part of GHANBATT’S contribution to boost the educational standards of communities within its Area of Responsibility through Civil-Military Cooperation (CIMIC). GHANBATT further donated 100 books, 100 pens, 150 pencils, 400 erasers, 100 rulers, 120 drinking cups and some sporting equipment to the students.

Through effective collaboration and partnership with some International Non-Governmental Organisations, GHANBATT was able to partner with Save the Child foundation to secure 20 white boards, 60 cartoons of assorted stationeries which were further donated to the school.

The Commissioning Ceremony was greeted with lots of funfair amidst drumming and dancing.
The excitement displayed by both Staff and Students of Awolnhom including the Chiefs, Elders and families who were in attendance portrayed a deep sense of appreciation for the gesture extended to the Community by GHANBATT.

The Force Commander in his address expressed profound gratitude to GHANBATT for the initiative as he considered education of the communities in UNISFA very dear to his heart.

He admitted that knowing how Ghanaians take education seriously, he was not surprised that educational support for the locals formed a key part of GHANBATT’s assistance to the local communities. He commended Sector South Commander (Lt Col) Aboagye Tieku for making educational support one of his key focus in reaching out to the communities.

In his speech, Maj Gen Sawyerr acknowledged that “the future leaders of Abyei are the very children before us today. A very sound education is key to ensure that these children have all the needed tools to grow the cultural, socio-economic and political fortunes of this Region.”

He added that any support to boost the educational sector of Abyei was a welcomed initiative and urged GHANBATT to keep up the good work.

The progressive CIMIC drive of GHANBATT aimed at winning hearts and minds through support to the communities has manifested through a number of interventions.

These include material support to a number of schools, veterinary support to numerous cattle kraals and the provision of medical care. Others are support to IDPs, provision of water and clean up exercises in various communities. These have positively boosted the image of UNISFA in the eyes of the populace.

The humanitarian gestures of the Battalion are ample testimonies and reflection of their motto “FOR HUMANITY WE STRIVE”.



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