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The Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) has declared as false, an audio recording making the rounds, alleging the re-location of “gadgets” from Accra to Ho, and a statement by purported “Concerned Officers of GAF and the Ghana Police Service” that vigilantes have been embedded in a planned “coordinated ground offensive” at the eve of the 2020 Presidential and Parliamentary elections.

A Press Release in the wee hours of Sunday, 6th December, 2020, signed by the Director of Public Relations – Colonel Eric Aggrey-Quashie, states forcefully that the two allegations are unfounded and need to be corrected.

The statement reads: “The audio recording by an unidentified male voice, alleges the re-location of “gadgets” from Accra to Ho with the aim of intimidating the people of the Volta and Oti Regions in collaboration with a neighbouring country. The fact of the matter is that the GAF has deployed to all the Regions of Ghana in connection with the 2020 General Elections. The deployment is in support of the Ghana Police Service and this is standard practice. There is no other motive.

The second is a statement by a purported “Concerned Officers of the Ghana Armed Forces and the Ghana Police Service”. This piece is a catalogue of falsehood and fabrications with no scintilla of truth in them.

Among the allegations are that vigilantes are embedded in the GAF and that there is a planned “coordinated ground offensive” from the eastern border on the night of 6th December. This might either be an orchestration or a planted story to cause alarm among the local population.

All Ranks of the GAF are hereby implored to go about their duties with their usual focus and determination, to ensure the success of the elections. The general public must also feel free to cast their ballots when the polls open on 7 December 2020.”


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