By Col Eric Aggrey-Quashie – Director, DPR

The Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) wishes to, once again, caution the general public, to refrain from giving patronage to the fake advertisements and other falsified documents, including social media posts, purporting that GAF has begun 2020/2021 recruitment and enlistment exercises.

These adverts are being put into the public domain by unscrupulous persons using the names and pictures of senior officers to defraud the public.

Additionally, GAF wishes to once again reiterate, that it does not advertise on social media and does not engage middlemen in such exercises, therefore, the public should take heed of the education and numerous reminders, to desist from paying monies through ‘mobile money’ to these fraudsters who claim to be recruitment agents of GAF.

GAF further states that, in conjunction with other Security Services, such unscrupulous persons engaged in the fraudulent acts, are continuously being tracked down and those arrested, being dealt with severely, according to the law.

The public and persons interested in joining GAF, should stick to the certified and official channels that GAF uses in announcing recruitment and enlistment exercises.

It is also strongly advised that, interested applicants verify with GAF on any such recruitment/enlistment exercise and to wait for the official publication in the recognized media houses and dailies i.e. (Daily Graphic and Ghanaian Times).

Once again, GAF wishes to state that it is not conducting any recruitment/enlistment exercise at this material time.

The public is kindly advised to take note and report persons soliciting monies for such exercises, to the nearest Military Installation or Police Station.


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