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The Ghana Army (GA) has, for the second time this year, exercised its Northern Command (N/COMD) Formation – whose Area of Responsibility (AOR) are the Northern Frontiers of Ghana – on anti-terrorism tactics, but this time round, on a maiden operational training dubbed “EX BURNING ARROW ‘21”.

The 5-Day training exercise, which also involves the Ghana Police Service, Ghana Immigration Service, Customs Division of the Ghana Revenue Authority, Ghana National Fire Service, National Ambulance Service, National Intelligence Bureau and other security services, commenced from Monday, 23 August 2021 at Bole, in the Northern Region and will end on Friday, 27 August 2021.

The General Officer Commanding (GOC), N/COMD – Brigadier General (Brig Gen) Moses Mohammed Aryee, stated that the simulation exercise was a Command Level Field Training Exercise (FTX) aimed at training, testing and preparing sub-units, to respond to evolving security situations in their AOR.

General Aryee emphasized that the training was a sequel to an earlier exercise codenamed Exercise Eagle Claws ’21, which was conducted by the Army, Air Force with other sister security services, who are part of OP CONQUEREDFIST, earlier this year.

The GOC added that Ex Burning Arrow ‘21 would also equip troops with the requisite capacity, to respond rapidly and effectively to terrorist and contemporary threats in the AOR, and the country at large, noting that, to effectively achieve their mandate and efficiency at the mission, it was important for them to have a comprehensive assessment of the extent of collaboration and inter-agency operability, amongst the security services within the operational area.

General Aryee, therefore, intimated that Ex Burning Arrow would bring together security agencies, to allow for information sharing and marrying-up of tactics, so as to cooperate to build a robust front to deal with security situations like Violent Extremists Armed Groups (VEAG) and Terrorist Armed Groups (TAG).

Ex Burning Arrow ’21 fits into the overall vision of the Army High Command – to have a well-trained, well-motivated and well-equipped Army, with quality Officers and Soldiers, capable of undertaking the Army’s tasks.

Brig Gen Aryee reiterated to the security forces that Ghana was counting on its security services, to deliver the necessary security; to guarantee their safety and peace, in going about their daily activities.


The exercise took place at Bole in the Northern Region, where personnel from the Six Infantry Battalion (6Bn), the Police, Immigration, Customs, Fire Service, Ambulance Service and the Investigations Bureau were taken through check-point, rescue mission, medical evacuation, radio communication and fire-fighting drills.


GA’s Eleven Mechanized Battalion (11 Mech Bn) and the Ghana Police, Sandema District, were jointly exercised on Embarkation of Mechanized Patrols, Close Quarter Battle (CQB), Fighting in Built Up Area (FIBUA) and the tactics of fighting off terrorist elements in the general area of Sandema, which is in the Builsa North District of the Upper East Region.


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