By Kofi Ampeah-Woode, Kaadjaanor, La

The Ghana Army has started the supply of potable water to targeted communities in the Greater Accra Metropolitan Area, who acutely lack the most abundant liquid on earth, as part of the Armed Force’s increased role in combating the global pandemic of the Covid-19, also known as Novel Coronavirus.

The water supply endeavour, which started on Tuesday, April 14, 2020, saw two deprived communities of the La Dade-Kotopon Municipality, in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana, namely; Mangdjaanor and Kaadjaanor, with a combined population of about 7,000, being served with three of 4,500-litre tankers of potable water.

The huge response and patronage of the services extended to the distressed communities, coupled with their temporary excitement after the supplies, leaves an observer in wonder as to the unimaginable difficulties the inhabitants would have had to put up with, had the gesture from the military not been executed.

As a response to the plight of the distressed people, the Chief Staff Officer (CSO) of the Ghana Army – Brigadier General (Brig Gen) Michael Amoah Ayisi, hinted that the military would not only sustain the supply to that community, but would likely extend the service to other deprived communities, to help curb the wave of the ravaging pandemic.

General Ayisi additionally urged the general populace to abide by the lockdown order, though inconvenient, because it is aimed at curbing the feared virus, failure to which the entire citizenry might have to pay a higher price, than is now being required.

The Municipal Chief Executive of the beneficiary municipality – Solomon Kotey Nikoi, who accompanied the Army team to Mangdjaanor, speaking on strict adherence to the issue of social distancing by his people, surmised that the protocol is now sinking into the consciousness of the people and hoped that with continued public education, the message would sink in.

In appreciation of the great gesture by the Army, the Assemblyman for the New-Kaadjaanor Electoral Area – Emmanuel Nyarko-Baah, said that prior to the supplies by the military, the poor slum residents paid moneys from their meagre resources, to acquire water for use, even after the Presidential announcement for free use of water by all.

Additionally, the Assemblyman urged distributors of food to the hungry and deprived, to urgently increase the numbers to La Dade-Kotopon, since the daily supply of 300 hundred packs of food to a hungry population of 3000, is woefully inadequate.

In a related matter, Ghanaian gospel musician – Philippa Baafi, presented cooked and packaged food to the Army, as part of her contribution to the Operation Covid Safety, which was received by the Command Logistics Officer (CLO) of Southern Command (S/COMD) – Colonel Stephen Opoku-Agyeman, who in turn requested the singer to use her social influence, to urge Ghanaians to obey the Stay Home order.


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