By Kofi Ampeah-Woode

The Financial Stability Department of the Bank of Ghana (BoG), has organized a sensitization program for personnel of the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF), to help personnel of the premier security forces appreciate the state of the Banking Sector, to make informed decisions, per their banking transactions.

The forum, was held at the Burma Hall, Burma Camp, on Tuesday, November 5th, 2019, at the heels of upheavals that have hit the financial sector of Ghana’s economy, for a long while now, whose pinch have been deeply felt by the citizenry, for about 27 months now.

The men from the Exchequer, took turns to explain and educate military personnel, together with Civilian Employees, on the nature of Ghana’s financial sector and narrowed in on the banking sector, which falls under their purview as Regulator, where they taught on dos and don’ts.

The various heads of units of the department, took turns to educate on areas such as Rights of the Customer, Acting Honestly, Fair Treatment, Access to Redress, Complaint Channels and Processes, Consumer Responsibility, Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing.

They later answered questions from Soldiers and Civilian Employees, and also promised to be proactive with education on the banking sector, to engender further confidence, by the public.

Contact to the Bank of Ghana is the 7th Floor, Cedi House, Telephone – 0302 665 005, 0302 66174-6, 0302 666902-8, Email –

Present were the Head, Financial Stability Department – Dr Joseph France, Head, Market Conduct Office – Innocent Asamoah, Head, Financial Literacy Unit – Franklin Mensah, Head, Market Conduct Supervision – Augustine Amoako-Donkor, Head, External Dispute Resolution – Rev Kwasi Twum, Financial Literacy Unit – Nana Abena Parker and the Forces Sergeant Major (FSM) – Chief Warrant Officer (CWO) Barker.


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