By Kofi Ampeah-Woode, Bukom

The Army Recruit Training School (ARTS), has climaxed up a 12-day boxing competition – which is part of the training regime for the Basic Infantry Training Course (BITC) 1/2019, at the Bukom Boxing Arena, as part of the school’s Civil Military Cooperation (CIMIC).
vThe final boxing CIMIC activity, which came off on Friday, 13th December, 2019, was also used by the Command of the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) recruit training unit, as recreation for the over five hundred recruits, who have been camped from August 23rd to date, to also prepare them for the next phase of training, which continues in earnest.

The recruits, who had been grouped in three Companies (Alpha, Bravo and Charlie), engaged in the fisticuff bouts amongst themselves and winners awarded points, which culminated at Charlie Company being crowned champions with 142 points, followed by Alpha and Bravo, with 140 and 136 points, respectively.

The high point of the fun-filled occasion, was obviously the penultimate bout, when Alpha and Charlie were tied at 140 points, and two lady-recruits from the two sides, had to face off to determine the winner, with the arena set alight with high decibels of chants, Charlie came tops.

In a speech to the recruits, the Guest of Honour (GoH) for the occasion – Colonel Commey – Provost Marshal of GAF, exhorted the recruits to imbibe lessons being taught at the school and urged discipline to become a lifestyle and not only for the period of training.

The event, which was open to the general public, was interspersed with other bouts from young professional boxers, who entertained the spectators with deft skills, for applause.


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