Saturday, September 18, 2021


Become an authentic and exciting source of Civil-Military Cooperation information for rapid human and national development.


Guided by the rules governing Civilians-Security Services Cooperation, be as much professional as possible through constant upgrading of being serviceable, in order to become a proper and reliable medium of disseminating appropriate and adequate information for the benefit of Ghana and Africa.

Ghana Peace Journal strives to be an authentic and yet intriguing magazine recording a few of the publishable exploits of the security agencies of the “BLACK STAR OF AFRICA” – GHANA.

Established in 2016 as a civilians security services collaboration, this setup has evolved into the provision of security-based stories, particularly Defence, thus building a brand that has trust and clout both in form and substance.

This we have done by engendering optimal respect and good proximity to the sources of the facts, but with a keen eye on sensitivity to the ultimate interest of the course of Ghana in particular and the sub-region, as a whole.

The journal and its team of experts and resource persons commit to casting our antennae wider, deeper and farther in the right places, to provide the necessary information to inform and educate its readers generally, help not only critical decision-makers concerned but also for posterity to be informed and guided.


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