By Kofi Ampeah-Woode

Eighty-eight (88) Young Soldiers of the Basic Infantry Tactical Course 2021 (BITC ’21) stock, posted to the One Battalion of Infantry (1Bn) of the Ghana Army (GA), have completed 4-months Young Soldiers Orientation Training, to earn the right to wear the scarlet-red larn-yarn of the “Ready-And-Willing” fraternity.

A larn-yard adorning parade, which included the consecration of a newly-created Command Baton and the presentation of three (3) brand new Hisense fridges to the three Messes of the Michel Camp Barracks, was held at the 1Bn Square, on Friday, 3rd September, 2021, with the Commanding Officer (CO), 1Bn – Lieutenant Colonel (Lt Col) Simeon Barifi Nyante, as the Reviewing Officer (RO).

Speaking to the young soldiers, before adorning them with the larn-yard, the CO informed them that the aim of the orientation is to ensure that they are well-prepared, and that what they have learnt and been through, should serve as the right foundation based upon which they would develop into great professional soldiers.

Lt Col Nyante continued that the young soldiers should be conscious that they will be introduced to various operations, such as Internal Security (IS) operations, patrols, missions, and that wherever they are deployed to, they should endear themselves as worthy ambassadors of the “Sure-to-Deliver” stock.

The CO, finally assured the new soldiers of the support of their seniors, for growth and development to reach the top, urging them to be ever alert, vigilant and security-conscious wherever they find yourselves, individually and as a group.

The orientation program, which is held for both new Young Officers and Soldiers to 1Bn, includes intensive series of exercises, such as classroom work, squad-shed, drill lessons, Basic Fitness Test (BFT), steeplechase – which takes them along all the boundaries of Michel Camp and its immediate surroundings, onto the crossing of obstacles and then, climaxes with the larn-yard adorning ceremony, at the ‘holy’ parade grounds, as traditional welcome to the Unit.

The 88 Young Soldiers, are part of BITC ’21, who passed out from five of the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) training schools, namely; Army Recruit Training School (ARTS) – Shai-Hills, Jungle Warfare School (JWS), Seth Anthony Barracks – Achiase, Air Force Recruit Training School (AFRTS) – Takoradi, Special Operations Training School (SOTS) – Daboya and the Armour Training School (ATS) – Sunyani.

A wooden and brazen, with the 1Bn logo attached redesigned Command Baton – a symbol of authority which is handed over from an outgoing to an incoming commander, to signify the transfer of authority and power – was consecrated as the new Command Baton, by the Battalion Chaplaincy.

Furthermore, the CO presented three procured Hisense heavy-duty fridges, for recreational use at the Officers’ Mess, the Senior Non-Commissioned Officers’ (NCO) Mess and the Junior Ranks’ Mess.

The Young Soldiers formed two contingents of troops to perform drills in Silent, Slow and Quick marches.

Present at the event included the Acting Second-In-Command (2IC) – Major Enock Rafik Awudu, other Officers, the Regimental Sergeant Major (RSM) – Senior Warrant Officer Class 2 (SWOII) Dogbey Joy and other NCOs.


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