By Kofi Ampeah-Woode, Michel Camp

The First Battalion of Infantry (1BN) has received assorted medical items donated by the Hearty Love Foundation, which is based at Gbetsile, to help it improve upon healthcare service delivery at the One Medical Reception Station (1 MRS), Michel Camp.

Receiving the donations on the behalf of the military medical centre at the Station on Wednesday, 14th August 2019, the Commanding Officer (CO) of the ‘Ready and Willing’ 1BN – Lieutenant Colonel (Lt Col) Simeone B Nyante, revealed plans by his Battalion to storm the nearby Gbetsile Township, to provide free of charge medical services, during the oncoming ARMY WEEK CELEBRATIONS, on the 22nd of August, 2019, as one good turn deserves another.

Lt Col Nyante expressed pleasure with the relationship between his Battalion and the Gbetsile Community and by extension, to the foundation, a gesture he prayed would continue, promising judicious use of the donated items, knowing that it would go a long way to serve good healthcare to the soldiers and to all those around the Unit, who patronize the 1 MRS.

Gbetsile Mantse – Nii Teye Kwadjo Amankwaa Suni I, a patron of the foundation, said the items presented are meant to enhance good and safe delivery of healthcare service, stating that Michel Camp is not the only place they have donated, but have been to several hospitals to donate, however, to brighten the corner where they are, they assured the Battalion that anytime they had something to donate, the battalion shall be considered.

Jacob Amevor – Chairman of Hearty Love Foundation, who are making such a donation to the health centre for the second time, said their foundation is a humanitarian one, founded by a couple of youthful persons who came together 3 years ago, to help needy communities through their more resourceful contacts within and without the nation.

Their main focus is to help in the area of education, however they also undertake medical outreaches in rural communities where they hand out a lot of medical stuff to the needy.

Items presented were wheel chairs, chairs, crutches,  stretcher, bath stools, nursing aids, gowns, needles and syringes, optical glasses for patients, surgical antiseptics, Sodium Chloride for sterilization, bed sheets, scrub shoes, toilet covers etc.

Capt Kevin Amedoh – the Medical Officer at the 1 MRS said the items donated would go a long way to help in the facility, and that when the aged, distressed and maternity patients come for help, it can be quite comfortable from their vehicles into the facility for good healthcare.


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