By Kofi Ampeah-Woode, Michel Camp

The Commanding Officer (CO), One Battalion of Infantry (1Bn) of the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) – Lieutenant Colonel (Lt Col) Simeone Barifi Nyante, has marked one year of his assumption of leadership of the “Ready and Willing” troops, with a presentation of a dedicated office to the Clergy in his battalion, to help GAF personnel receive appropriate counselling solutions, in times of need.

Presenting the well-furnished office to the Clergy on Friday, May 15th, 2020, Lt Col Nyante stated how important the service provision by the religious officers inures to the spiritual, psychological upkeep and morale of his troops.

Giving a brief history to support his motivation for the provision, Lt Col Nyante retraced how in the past, when the battalions were created, each battalion had a church and a chaplain to minister to the troops, but as time progressed, more denominations now operate in the military, thus more church buildings being built, with accompanying offices for the clergymen.

The CO cited how similar Burma and Michel Camps are, religiously, with the Presbyterian Methodist, Pentecost, Catholic, Anglican, Seventh Day Adventists churches, but the challenge of picking and choosing a Religious Minister to approach, by both the command and personnel, is curtailed with the provision of a common office for the ministers.

The Clergymen also assured that they have designed a schedule, which would ensure that a minister is available for service at all times, at the office, which was renovated by the Battalion Headquarters, with some support from the churches at Michel Camp.

It would be recalled that Colonel Albert Sison Ogaja, now Director, Army Peacekeeping Operations, handed over to Lt Col Nyante, on Thursday, May 16th, 2019, at the 1Bn Square.


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